Assalamualaykum Sisters,

We are all fighting our own battles of this COVID-19 and I hope all of you are following measures to stay safe. As you know, many drastic changes and restrictive movements are happening around the globe to curb this pandemic. Whilst we are not a physical store, we are not entirely spared from it.

In a recent update, the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention and the National Emergency and crisis Management Authority have ordered the closure of all malls and commercial stores for a renewable period of two weeks effective from 25th March 2020. This restrictive order has caused our production tailors and suppliers to shut down temporarily.

Please be informed that we will be continuing with pre orders however scheduled shipment dates are subject to delays/changes which will be adjusted in accordance to the UAE restrictive order. Inshallah the shipments will arrive in time for Eid ul Fitr.


Alhamdulillah the closure restriction have been lifted by the UAE government on April 24th and we are able to confirm that our suppliers and production stores will be open as of today. Inshallah the production will begin tomorrow and we are looking at a scheduled shipment arrival on May 7th (for preorders between 22 March to 26 April).

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and any unforeseen shortcomings on our side. Inshallah we will get through this tough phase and may we all be protected always.

Stay home, shop online!